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How To Clean Your Carpet From Bed Bugs

Is your carpet infested with bed bugs? Are you worried about the state of your home? Then you’d be glad to know that you have safe, family-friendly methods of bed bug removal.

Bedbug carpet infestationBed bugs or Cimex lectulariusare, are invasive, parasitic species often found in homes. They dwell in bed mattresses (as their name might suggest) and any other fibrous surfaces like carpets, rugs and even upholsteries in homes all throughout the world. During all 3 stages of development they have a tough outer shell which provides protection, with hooked feet which make them hard to pull out by force. The adaptive nature of the species makes them notoriously hard to get rid of, making it a true home pest.

How can you get rid of them?

There are several methods that have proven to be successful in certain cases. If these don’t work, then your best, most foolproof way of removal would be the help of a professional. These are the remedies you can try at home, with little toxicity, and ease of use. They may not only get rid of bed bugs, but also benefit your carpets in other ways.

Hot water and steam

Bed bugs don’t take too kindly to high temperatures. Although a tough species to get rid of with conventional chemicals and methods, high temperatures from hot water or steam treatments have proven to be quite good against this invasive species. You can use a simple steaming vacuum or a carpet washing vacuum machine, it will both kill of the bugs and remove their remains at the same time. Add a detergent or some lemon zest to the water before boiling it and you have a refreshed, bug free home.

This treatment also removes dust and filth, freshening up your carpet, while removing bed bug fecal matter and remains at the same time.

High powered vacuum machines

If your carpet is not suited for high temperatures and moisture, there is a dry alternative. High powered hoovers show promising results, with multiple rounds and frequent cleaning. This is your best bet if you have natural fibered carpets and rugs that cannot be treated with hot water or steam. While bed bugs do have hooked feet which allow them to “stick” fibrous surfaces, they can be removed with high powered hoovers, sucked straight into the waste bin, with no leftovers or toxic chemicals used.

Lavender oils

Lavender is an old anti-bug remedy used throughout human history and is still being used in households and camping even to this day. Chemical compounds in the plant scramble the pheromones of mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, ants and many other species, virtually creating an invisible wall around a certain parameter. Using lavender oil drops on your carpet will get rid of the bed bugs and any other insect in the vicinity and have a lasting effect.

If you want to avoid over saturating a certain area of the carpet, put 3 ml of concentrated lavender oil in 500 ml of water in a bottle and lightly spray your carpet with it. Not only will it remove the pests and any accompanying critters, but also make your room smell great. If you are not a fan of the smell of lavender, basil is a potent alternative, although it might make your home smell like an Italian bakery for a while.

You can always use professional help

Although you do have options, some of which are more promising than others, you always have the option to use the help of professional cleaners who specialise in the cleaning and removal of bed bugs and other home pests.