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How To Clean Blood Stains Out of Your Carpet

Blood stainsBlood stains can become permanent if not treated right away or in the proper manner, while following the steps detailed in this cleaning guide. Keep your cool wits about you and be patient, tough stains such as blood can take some time and work to get out, simply keep at it and remember that you can always call a professional and ask for their help.

Using household items and materials you can efficiently and properly remove almost any stain, including blood. There is a direct correlation between the freshens of the stain and how easy it is to get out, be sure to act as soon as you can once the blood stain occurs as it might set into the carpet.

Dealing With The Blood Stain

  1. Hoover the area – that way you remove any contaminants and prepare the area for work.
  2. Mix 1 tbs of dish washing detergent and 1 L of water – keep the ratio of 1:30 for a proper solution. Make sure the dish washing soap is under 7pH and contains no bleach, higher pH levels have a more soapy texture and will soil the carpet faster.
  3. Deliver the solution to the blood stain with a water bottle – mist lightly, try to contain it to just the stain or it will bleed to its surrounding fibers.
  4. Blot the stain with a white towel – get out as much of the blood as possible. The soapy water helps to remove the red blood cells and along with it a lot of the colour.
  5. Blood out using a paper towel – do this until there is no more transfer.
  6. Make sure not to soak the stain or it will get into the base of the carpet and set it deeper, to be safe also use cold water and avoid hot water as it might react with the blood and set it into the textile. Wet vacuums do a better job at removing liquids so if you have one or you can rent one do so. To maximize the extraction potential, use 100% cotton towels as the natural fibers of the textile will transfer the liquid from the carpet a lot faster than paper or synthetic rags.

  7. Mix 1 tbs of household ammonia with 1-2 cups of cold tap water into a water bottle – let it sit for 5 minutes.
  8. Spray the affected area
  9. Blot out the area with a white towel – be careful not to soak the fibers. Take the dry towel and blot the spot until the area is dry then repeat until the stain is gone. If there is a dark shading on the spot afterwards don’t panic, it’s the iron from the hemoglobin in the blood. You can get this out with a rust remover or by mixing one lemon’s worth of juice into 1 cup of water then using that to remove it.

There will be a leftover residue from the ammonia and soapy water, use clean, cold water to rinse the area then leave a stack of paper towels on the spot. Use an even weight which covers the entire spot and place a foil or plastic bag over it to protect the carpet from bleeding into the weight. The carpet should be stain free and dry, if there is still some staining use 3% hydrogen peroxide on the spot, apply directly. Direct sunlight will turn it into water so there is no need of rinsing, simply dry.