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Carpet Cleaners Clapham SW4


When first-class carpet cleaning is in demand, we can deliver whatever amount is necessary! It may sound too confident, but you’ll find that our wide variety of professional services are exactly how we describe them – one of the best in Clapham SW4.

  • Professional equipment & detergents provided by Pro-chem
  • Carpet technicians trained & certified by Pro-chem
  • Flexible timings
  • Available on weekends and bank holidays

It doesn’t matter if you need a common, single or periodical carpet cleaning, we can do it. Get in touch with us now on 020 3746 4621 and get a free estimate.

Our services have been designed with your home and health in mind. That is why you can only expect top quality cleaning and environmentally friendly detergents from us.

  • Why Us?

    We offer wide spectrum of carpet cleaning procedures in Clapham SW4, nevertheless our secret is that we always examine your carpets and upholstery to be able to slect the most suitable treatment. We also:

    • Move furniture, to make certain that every inch of your flooring is carefully cleaned
    • Use top quality specialised cleaning machines provided by Prochem for rapid and effective cleanse
    • Provide our natural cleansing agents, so you don’t need to concern about dangerous vapours and residues
    • Give 100% clean guarantee, simply speak to us if you have any notes and our team can solve the issue
    • Brush your area rugs and carpeting after the procedure to decrease the drying time
    • Use Scotchgard protection, to ensure that unsightly stains will not reoccur soon after our visit
  • Why Clean Your Carpet?

    If you want to keep your carpet in a good shape for at least a few years, it requires to be deep cleaned regularly. Take for example a car – though it’s quite new, you change its engine oil every year, unless you want to replace the engine or buy a new one. The same is true for wall-to-wall carpets. It has to be cleaned up professionally unless you wish to spend thousands of pounds every few years to replace it. And who can be better when it comes to carpet care in Clapham SW4 than Vestey & Axford Services? Being high-quality carpet cleaning provider, we are frequently asked why regular cleaning of your wall-to-walls is important. For one, it extracts the captured dirt and soil particles that damage your rug or carpet fibres irreparably. Next, it helps to improve air quality. Last, but not, least your house feels completely different when your carpet is free of spots and stains, and smells vivid. Who wouldn’t read want to book a great on a soft, clean carpet with a glass of lying down fine wine?

  • Clean Carpet Benefits

    Textile floor coverings like wall to wall carpets and oriental rugs may worth a lot of money to Clapham SW4 residents. In fact, they can be the most expensive interior items and they need sufficient maintenance in order to serve you many years without appearing scruffy and discoloured. At first, the dirt particles might land in the surface layers, but when you walk on them a few times dust and soil gets caught deeper so it is much tougher to clean up.That is why our skilled cleaners advise that you vacuum your textile floors and put doormats to reduce dirt absorption. Accidental splatters and stains, pet smell, bed bugs and mites, all these are just a few of the reasons why you might need professional carpet care.

Trust Our Experts

It’s very easy. Just call us on 020 3746 4621 to book one of our experienced carpet cleaning clients assistants 24/7. If you want, you can skip the call and fill our book a cleaner online form. Don’t waste any more valuable time! Call us for a high-quality carpet cleaning in Clapham SW4.