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How To Set A Beautiful Christmas Table

home aloneThere’s nothing funny about spending the Christmas away from home. It happened to me a a few years ago. I was on a business trip to Paris, I should go home in the morning of 24th of December, but my flight was canceled because of bad weather. I spend Christmas eve alone in a hotel room.

Till this moment I didn’t think I was a Christmas kind of girl, but trust me, celebrate it on your own wouldn’t be nice even to the most cynical person on earth.

I decided I would never again spend Christmas away from the people I care about. Last year my husband took to me a dinner to his parents. The year before we were with my parents. This year, for a change, I decided to invite everyone to our place.

I’m not the perfect housewife, but I make an exception for Christmas. I like it when everything is just perfect on this day. So, I promised to give my best and make it happen this year. I started with the Christmas tree. Than I backed the Christmas cookies. What’s next?

I know, I know – it’s time for the big Christmas cleaning. But you know what? This year I decided to skip this part. I’m going to hire professional cleaning services, because I want to have time for the things that really matter – my family. I’m going to buy them nice presents, prepare handmade postcards etc.

Christmas table Have you been recently to Ikea? I was yesterday and I was like a little girl in a candy shop. I wanted everything! There was Christmas stuff all around! Beautiful, beautiful Christmas stuff!

But the thing I was most excited about was the way the tables were set. There were red napkins, big glasses for wine, cute plates, sparkling balls, candles, decoration. I was just stunned. I wanted to stay there forever… or at least till Christmas ends?

Can I meet my guests there? Unfortunately I can’t. So, I decided to “steal” some of the ideas and set my own beautiful Christmas table. The main ingredients are:


I love drinking red wine in front of the fireplace. Ok, I don’t have a fireplace at home, but on the sofa is also nice. You can’t drink wine in “whatever” glass. It’s a ritual that needs a big beautiful glass of wine. And when you share this ritual with your guests, make sure you offer them the best experience. Every housewife should have a couple of beautiful wine glasses at home.


Christmas napkinsIt’s not only important what you have cooked, but also how you serve it to your guests. And first that they’ll see is are plates your meal is put.

So, make sure they look good. Red, white, with stars or Rudolfs – it’s up to you.

If you can afford it, you can impress your guests with an expensive porcelain set. A vintage one is also a nice idea. Just look into your grandma’s closet.


When it comes to napkins, I love the Christmas ones – with Santa Claus, Rudolf, stars, Christmas trees etc. But if you find them childish, red ones are also a great idea. You can also use napkins in different colours.

A good match is red with blue, or red with green in my opinion.


For me candles are a must for the Christmas table. The traditional Christmas candles are big and red, but you can also try more unconventional ones. It’s up to you. But my advice is not to miss the candles, because they bring warmth and a atmosphere.


Christmas tableIn the middle of the Christmas table you can put a Christmas wreath – a plastic, real or hand made one.

Other idea I have in mind is to put a little Christmas tree on the table, but it should be really thinny or you should have a really big table.

If it’s not so big, you can put Christmas tree twigs. Little red ribbons would be also a nice decoration to your table.


The tablecloth is the background of the Christmas table set. I’d choose a one colored one – in white may be. Red one is also a good idea. Or you prefer a pied tablecloth? I’d like to warn you that it’s possible someone spoils something on it. So, be ready and don’t get angry.

Have a great Christmas!