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How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Provider

All you want is to get your carpets cleaned, and nothing else matters. But choosing proper cleaning company among the countless providers out there is crucial in order to be satisfied with the result.

too maNY CHOISESSo – How to Make the Best Choice?

Make your own research on all the companies in your town or area, and if it’s necessary – in the nearby areas. You need to compare the methods and procedures different companies use, their prices and quality of service. Another important thing is to check the working hours and also – what are the formulas and cleaning products the certain companies are working with. At last, but not least – check if the provider offers a cleaning guarantee for their services.

findlocalWhy Hiring a Local Service is so Important?

Well, if you live in a village or in a small town there probably aren’t that many cleaning companies, but if you are in a big city (such as London, for instance) hiring local provider is the smartest thing you can do. First of all, the crew will come faster than other companies’ stuff. Local company‘s crew certainly know the area quite well and won’t you lose precious time searching where to park their vehicle. There really is a great chance someone you know – a friend, or a neighbour to have already hired them, so you will literally get a first hand review on their service.

pricequalityThe Price/Quality Index

People often look for the cheapest offer, but usually going for it isn’t the best decision, when you need qualitative carpet cleaning service. After all – you get what you’ve paid for. Besides, some companies’ rates seem very low on their websites or advertisements, but this is only, because they don’t “mention” the final price doesn’t include parking tickets for their vehicle, various taxes and most importantly – VAT. When you throw in these additions to the initial cost it is possible to occur that the company which offers the lowest prices, actually has the highest ones.

practical-tips-on-going-green-at-home-southgate-chamber-770x791Do You Care About the Environment?

Carpet cleaning is clearly a necessity. But in order to get out efficiently stubborn stains and built in dirt sometimes extremely toxic formulas are involved. They are harmful both for the environment and for the health of you and your family. Try to find what solutions and detergents a company uses. You can call and ask if there’s no information on their website. Many people nowadays are trying to green clean the entire house, so why not green clean your carpets?

The good news is, that many services today are converting to environmentally-friendly formulas, which are safe even for child and pets. Bio cleaners are also highly recommended when dealing with a carpet of allergy or asthma suffering person, because they don’t have VOCs and are gentle to people with health issues. Another ‘green’ point – look for environmentally conscious business – one, that takes care of waste waters responsibly.

20309217The Time of Booking

Nowadays mankind is undoubtedly busier than ever! Even if you are a stay at home mom, or a freelancer, you need to rely on a strict time schedule to deal with all your tasks for the day. This is why it is extremely important to check the working hours of your local companies. Some of them make appointments only 5 days a week – from Monday to Friday, but most companies nowadays work on weekends too. If you search hard enough you will most probably find a local cleaner who provides same day bookings, late evening and even holiday appointments and other extraordinary time-slots.

guaranteeIs There a Guarantee For Company’s Work?

Have you ever asked yourself – what exactly happens if you hire cleaning service, pay a pale of money to get your precious rug cleaned and they don’t handle it properly? Or even worse- things get wrong and they ruin your gorgeous sofa? The answer to these questions is: it depends on the research you’ve made earlier. Take your time when doing the research and look for carpet cleaners, who offer assurance or some kind of guarantee for their work. For example, there are providers, which offer to clean your carpet for free one more time, of you are not pleased with the result.