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Catford SE6 Carpet Cleaners


We are the most reputable carpet and rug cleaning provider in Catford SE6. No matter if you look to clean a large, wall-to-wall carpet or need help with a delicate woven oriental rug. Our professional carpet cleaners have all that takes to perform any task successfully. All of them are extensively trained, insured and qualified from leading industry associations. Confident in our abilities and commitment we urge you to call us on 020 3746 4621 to experience a true cleaning service.

Get the Best Prices

Contact us instantly on 020 3746 4621, our affable assistants would be more than pleased to answer your questions and also inform you about our latest bargains and promotions. We deliver a wide variety of cleaning treatments in Catford SE6 ideal for both business and domestic cleaning needs, such as contractual or scheduled care and also one off spring cleaning and a whole lot more. As a substitute, you could request a service by filling out our simple booking form or get in touch with our assistants through the chat box.

Sofa, Mattress and Drapery Cleaning

We’re the best in cleaning carpets in Catford SE6, but we are equally skilled in a number of other domestic cleaning services including but are not limited to:

  • Upholstery Care and Protection
  • Hard Wood Floor Care and Maintenance
  • Drapery Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Sofa Treatment
  • Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing

If you need additional cleaning service, and you don’t see it on this list, take a glance at our pricing page, where you can find a complete list of services we offer.

Great Value for Your Money

Apart from, working with the best carpet cleaning machines there are on the market, there are a few why you should call us:

  • Our cleaners are amongst the most qualified and well-trained in the business
  • We work only with environmentally friendly, pet and child safe cleaning products
  • Your rug will benefit from a optional Scotchgard™ protection coating
  • You have our total, 100% Quality Assurance
  • Same-day bookings come at no additional charge on your behalf

Of course, we prefer other people to evaluate our superior carpet cleaning work done in Catford SE6. This is why, if you visit our reviews page, you’ll be able to read what previous clients have said on our superb cleaning outcomes and high principles of customer care.

Reasons Your Carpets Need Professional Treatment

If you want to keep your rug in a top shape for at least a few years, it requires being deep cleaned quite regularly. Take for example a car – though it’s new, you change its engine oil every year, unless you want to replace the engine or buy another. The same thing is true for wall-to-wall carpets. It should be cleaned up professionally unless you’re ready to spend thousands of pounds every three to four years to get a new one. And who is better when it comes to carpet care in Catford SE6 than Vestey & Axford Services?

As being professional carpet cleaning company, we are usually asked why regular cleaning of your rugs is important. First, it takes out the captured dirt and soil particles that harm your rug fibres irreparably. Second, it helps to improve air quality. Last, but not, least your home looks completely different when your carpet is free of spots and blemishes, looks and smells bright. Who wouldn’t read like to book an interesting on a soft, clean carpet with a glass of lying fine wine?

Dirty Carpets Can Be Dangerous!

Textile floor coverings for example wall to wall carpets and oriental rugs may cost a lot of money to Catford SE6 residents. Actually, they can be the most expensive household items so they need proper maintenance in order to serve you a long time without appearing scruffy and faded. In the beginning, the dirt particles might land in the surface layers, however after you step on them a couple of times dust and soil remains trapped deeper and it is much more difficult to clean.

That is why our expert technicians advise that you vacuum your textile floor surfaces regularly and use doormats to minimise dirt intake. Casual spills and stains, pet smell, bed bugs and mites, all these are just a few of the reasons why you may need professional carpet care.