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Maintaining Your Carpet in 4 Easy Steps

A friend of mine, Jenny, called me the other day, asking for help. Jenny is supposed to be studying this very expensive Master Programme that her parents are paying for. You already know how that story is going to end, don’t you? Her mother calls her and tells her that they are on their way to visit. In true Jenny …Read More

9 Hacks to Survive Christmas

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Is it the Christmas pudding or the carols? Maybe you love having your whole family over for dinner? So do I. But that always leads to nosy aunt Jane that wants to know if she is going to have another niece. Pamper granny Beth is also coming to give children candy just before …Read More

Red Alert – Cleaning After Halloween (Part 2)

Last week we’ve posted here some tricks mostly on how to clean outside your home after Halloween pranks. And, as we promised this week we will share useful tips and tactics on cleaning inside. Now comes the time for a few easy tips on how to deal with the stains that usually remain after any Halloween party, besides food and beverage …Read More