Maintaining Your Carpet in 4 Easy Steps

A friend of mine, Jenny, called me the other day, asking for help. Jenny is supposed to be studying this very expensive Master Programme that her parents are paying for. You already know how that story is going to end, don’t you? Her mother calls her and tells her that they are on their way to visit. In true Jenny …Read More

Keep Your Carpet Clean During the Holidays

One of the most cheerful times of the year around my house is undoubtedly the holiday season. Despite the fact that every year I promise myself to take it easy with big family gatherings at home, the period from Halloween to New Year turns to a holiday marathon and I enjoy it! The only problem I actually have with inviting guests …Read More

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Carpet For Your Home

The options for flooring has grown immensely over the last decade. There are so many alternatives for your home – from traditional carpet and hardwood floors to stone, ceramics and even through more exotic types like natural sea grass rugs or even sustainable options like bamboo or cork. For many years the good old carpet has been a steady number 1 choice …Read More