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Why I Never Make Big Family Reunions at Home?

Family reunion parties at home are great thing when we are talking about up to 15 people. But If you want to gather more people, don’t do it in your home – it is the worst idea ever! Here is why:

Kids watching a movie

Family reunions are very good way to get back together with your family. Many people have tradition to invite their relatives to a home party. It seems the perfect thing to do. Dads smoking and having serious conversations about politics at the veranda, mommies chatting in the kitchen, the elderly drinking their tea in the living room and children running happily outside in the garden… Yeah it’s an idyllic picture, but it is fake. Okay, may be not entirely fake, but this home family reunion scheme works only with small group of people. Let me tell you about my experience with such gatherings and why I will never do something like this again.

Parents and Elderly Relatives

You love them – they raised you and made you the person you are but family reunions usually show the worst of them. Sooner or later, they will start talking about what you could have, but didn’t achieved in your life, they criticize your job, your life style and, if you invite them over – your home. Let me give you one real example – I bought very beautiful area rug and when my mother and aunt saw it they have talked for hours how expensive it might be and how hard it is to clean and maintain it and so on. Of course, I know they both love me, but they lead me to breaking point of my nerves that time.

Children – They are Cute, but…

They Break Everything

Don’t get me wrong. Children are great. But these little bundles of energy become uncontrollable when they gather in groups, especially when they are small. They will run not only outside in the garden, but also through you whole house, breaking everything on their way. Believe me, even if you put away fragile stuff, they will still find a way to destroy something. It hurts.

They Always Make A Huge Mess

My argument is pretty much the same as in the paragraph above. Kids are very sweet but they make huge mess and leave dirt and grime everywhere. You can roll the carpets and put them away and lay bed coverings on the expensive upholstered furniture, you can even hide all markers and pens. You can even assign parents to watch the kids but at the end of the family gathering you’ll find that there is at least one corner, covered in bright jolly stains. And you even don’t have the right to be mad with them. After all they are your nieces and nephews…

You Have to Enslave Yourself with the Preparations and Cleaning After

How can you enjoy your family reunion when you are too tired from cooking all day? Not to mention that after everyone is gone you may need to hire professional cleaners to help you deal with all the mess around the house? Instead of this nightmare scenario you may consider hiring some nice local restaurant. After you draw the line and start making family gatherings everywhere else but your home you will see that the big family reunion can actually be a funny experience, not only annoying responsibility.