Anti-Static Carpet Treatment In London

Don’t let the costly machinery in your domestic or commercial property become damaged by carpet static! Get in touch with Vestey & Axford Services‘s professionals today and order your session. You’ll get the best possible results, and great value for money.

When Would You Need This Kind Of Service?

You may not be aware that friction between your carpet and moving objects creates a build-up of static electricity. What’s more, a combination of air-conditioning and low humidity levels create near perfect conditions for this kind of build-up.

Of course, this is not so pleasant, but it is completely harmless to you and your children and pets. That’s not the case with your machinery, though.

Hire us now and we’ll treat your wool, nylon, acrylic, and other types of fibres with specialist tools. This will ensure that the expensive equipment in your home or office is kept completely safe from the danger of static.

Benefits of Our Anti-Static Treatment

Anti Static Carpet Treatment
There are lots of reasons to book us. Here are a few of the most important:

  • Immediate, cost-effective, and long lasting protection for your expensive equipment
  • Weekday, weekend, and Bank Holiday appointments for the same reasonable fee
  • Affordable prices that include no hidden charges whatsoever
  • Same-day services where possible

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