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8 Easy Steps For Sparkly Clean Windows

Don’t you just love Spring?

It’s my favourite season! I just love the colours – the blooming flowers and the green trees. They just fill me with joy and energy.
That’s why I whipped a quick guide on how to best clean any window. What is the point of loving spring if we can’t see it?

What Are Your Going To Need?

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Trust me when I say that you need the right tools to really clean a window. Otherwise it’s an endless source of frustration and scrubbing. It can be an quick and efficient swipe over the glass if you just have:

  • Bucket – make sure it’s big enough to fit the squeegee and mop in it
  • Squeegee – they vary in quality, size and price, so make sure you pick the one that’s best for you; the good squeegees usually come in three pieces (handle, channel and rubber), keep in mind that you can always change the rubber
  • Mop/rag – I would recommend you to use an older towel since the fluff has worn out with the years and won’t leave any unwanted traces; having a micro-fiber handy is also useful
  • Detergent – picking the right brand here is important; quality solutions don’t leave traces and help you determine whether you need to do more scrubbing
  • Pole & ladder – if your windows are on a higher floor you will need those to reach them

Once you have everything ready you can move on to more important things – like ensuring yourself that 5 star view to spring.

The Best Way To Clean Your Windows


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Technique is almost everything when it comes to cleaning windows. Experts can easily agree on the following steps:

  1. Never wash windows when they are in direct sunlight; this will dry them quicker and leave traces behind
  2. Use cold water – hot water evaporates too fast and we don’t want that, so get a bucket and use the water generously
  3. Apply detergent directly on the wet mop – then rub the dirt away from the window and scrape away stubborn stains
  4. Use the squeegee at the right angle – make sure that you wipe it dry after every with the micro-fiber and angle it towards the wet areas of the glass; never use it in the direction of the dry glass; start at the top of the window and make your way down
  5. Wipe away any traces – at this point you might need to take a second micro-fiber, make sure it’s completely dry and use it to wipe away any traces that might have been left behind on the glass
  6. Use the towel – don’t clean the bottom of the window with the micro-fiber, instead use the towel; that is where all of the dirt gathers and you might still need your micro-fiber
  7. Inspect your work – if there are any insect marks or sticky fingers left behind, try wiping them clean again

Enjoy your clean windows!

That’s window cleaning in a few easy ways. If you just don’t do windows, then you can always get a robot to do it or call a cleaning company in.