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Top 7 Reasons To Choose Carpet For Your Home

carpets have certain appealThe options for flooring has grown immensely over the last decade. There are so many alternatives for your home – from traditional carpet and hardwood floors to stone, ceramics and even through more exotic types like natural sea grass rugs or even sustainable options like bamboo or cork. For many years the good old carpet has been a steady number 1 choice for homeowners in the UK. However, in recent years a trend for alternative options has developed and now carpet isn’t seen as such a good option anymore.

But is it really so? Can other flooring options offer what carpets can? Rumours have been circulating that carpet cleaning is so expensive that carpets aren’t an affordable option anymore. But I beg to differ. The carpet cleaning services in London offer great variety of choice and reasonable pricing which make these suggestions absurd. In order to highlight my stance on carpets and why they are such a fantastic option for your home I have compiled 7 reasons for it.

1. Carpets Add Comfort and Warmth

To start with, one of the most obvious benefit of carpet over any other flooring option is the warmth and comfort it provides for your feet. It’s made of millions of fibres which gently entangle your feet when you walk over it. During the four seasons a carpet offers a warm cushion against cold or retains air against extreme heat. Many people like to sit on the ground to watch TV, read or even work – to all of them a carpet provides a comfortable environment for their activities.

2. Carpets Are Low Cost Flooring Alternative

Unlike hard wood flooring which is made of natural resource and hence more expensive, most carpets these days are produced with synthetics like polyester, nylon or polypropylene. These materials have low manufacturing costs which make carpets a cheaper flooring option. Even more surprisingly, a recent study comparing maintenance programms for hard floor surfaces and carpets in commercial settings found out that carpets require two times less cleaning time with equal foot traffic. Cleaning supplies were seven times less expensive. So, if you want to save money, now you know which is the better option for your home.

3. Carpets Add Beauty And Style

stylish carpetsCovering your home floor with carpet will give you a large foundation upon which you can build the rest of your home interior design. You can choose literally from thousands of colours, patterns and styles to fit into your life. When it comes to home decoration you can pick a carpet to be a background, neutral foundation or a bold statement expressed in flamboyant colours. Either way you will make a personal statement. In time this will make you feel even more at home!

4. Carpets Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s a fact that carpets have a positive effect on air quality. Many reputable organizations such as the Rug and Carpet Institute can underpin this suggestion with solid research. Carpets and rugs act as an air filter, which traps various pollutants, dirt and dust and keeps them in its fibres. Thus these airbourne particles stay in the carpet pile instead of reaching your nose or even worse – your lungs. Regular vacuuming extracts trapped particles from the fibres and ensures you enjoy high quality air at home.

5. Significant Noise Reduction

Carpet is not only effective air filter but it also absorbs sound. No matter if we have in mind a busy office environment with constant phone conversations and employee interaction or large living room where family meets, noise can be distracting and annoying. Carpet helps not only with adding beauty to a home but also provides sound insulation. The sound is absorbed by the carpet material rather than being bounced off walls or furniture. What’s more, carpet acts as an insulation between floors and subdues sounds of stair traffic. When you add proper padding beneath the carpet, the results are even better.

  6.  Carpets Prevent Serious Injuries

red carpet As you have already learnt carpet provides warmth and comfort, adds beauty and style, absorbs disturbing noise. But it has one more excellent use – it not only cushions our feet but reduces slips and falls. And when someone do falls, carpet minimizes injuries and negative consequences. Thus carpets gain solid reputation among seniors who are most prone to slips and injuries. What is more, unlike glossy hard floors rough carpet texture makes it even harder for you to slip.

There are numerous studies linking moods and colours. It’s proven that different colours affect humans psychology and behaviour. For example, blue and green are seen as calming colours while red causes alertness in individuals. Carpet colours can be used to induce soothing feelings among people who are distressed and need relaxation.

7. Carpets Are Easy To Clean And Maintain

In spite of what people say that a carpet is hard to clean, this kind of flooring is actually quite the low maintenance option. As we have discussed above hard floors are up to twice more time-consuming to maintain. Needless to say, large manufacturers design and produce carpets to appeal to modern, busy consumers with cleanibility in mind. What’s more there is large cohort of carpet cleaners who have turned such a simple procedure into a large industry. Just use Google to search for the term “carpet cleaning London” and you’ll see how many cleaning companies show in the results.

Even though there are so many options when it comes to covering floors, carpet remains still the best option for so many households around the world. Its advantages over other alternatives such as hard wood or stone flooring make it a clear number 1 choice! Don’t listen to rumours about cost benefits of hard floors because you won’t find a better option for your home than a soft, thick carpet. I hope my article on the topic has helped you get more informed and will guide your future decision-making process when it comes to home flooring.

Petar Bo is a professional author covering various topics like home improvement and cleaning. His mission is to collect and share professional practices to help readers take better choices. Petar works closely with cleaning industry specialists to test tips and make sure they are worth applying by homeowners.