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6 Ways to Mask Decoration Mistakes

All people make mistakes when decorate and renovate their homes. Even the high-priced interior designers make mistakes. When my friends bought a new house, they decided to make their own custom furniture in turquoise blue for their living room and build the whole interior around it. However, when the sofa and two armchairs arrived their colour was more like pale baby blue. Although they had already bought some of the accessories for the room and they didn’t quite match the pale blue fabric my friends kept both the furniture and accessories. They managed to make the wrong upholstery colour one of the perks of the room, by adding some contrast elements in the living area.

This inspired me to look for other examples of decorating mistakes, which were successfully transformed into benefits. After talking to a few friends they gave me these ideas:

Move the Furniture Around

If the furniture piece, that you’ve just purchased was great in the catalogue, but is not looking well in the room it was meant for, don’t rush to get rid of it. Before you list it on e-bay, donate or swap it, try to find a new place for it around the house. The “wrong” colour of your new drawer chest or bold animal print rug may not suit your living area, but could be great to spice-up your bedroom interior. You will never until you try.

Soften Darker and Bold Colours

You have chosen bold solid colour for your walls or furniture and you feel that the colour is too strong. You are near to your decoration budget exhaustion but you still want to alternate the room’s appearance you can succeed by using smart art additions. For instance – dark green upholstered furniture can be freshen-up with light pillows and cushions. As for the walls – drag the focus off their intensive tone with wall art. Be it framed black & white photography or posters in bright colours – both options will make you dark, solid wall much more inviting.

Contemporary Living Room by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Zuniga Interiors

Don’t Underestimate the Power of White

One of the most common interior design mistakes is that people often get a lot of different items, which doesn’t seem to match at all. The beauty of different shapes, colours and styles can me easily highlighted by adding more white items. If you don’t like the idea, beige, cream or another light tone will have the same great effect.

Try the Difference Between Bare Floors and Rugs

When you change your floorings, whether you install carpeting, lay new tiles or have your wood floors re-painted or re-finished, everything could end up looking differently. It is very likely to find your old oriental rug doesn’t go well with the renewed floor. Try rolling up the rug and putting it away, or place it in another room. Bare floor can be very beautiful and there are much more easy to clean and maintain than any rug or carpet.

Repeat the Colour Tones

If you ended a shopping trip with something that you really like, but it’s not quite working for your place, take in mind that you can add another elements, to help the piece “feel at home”. This often means to repeat the colour of your last purchase in the other items in the room. A set of bold red throw pillows can be combined with other accessories in the very same colour – a vase. Adding a vase, a fruit bowl, or a picture frame can really make a gorgeous ensemble where use of the unusual purchase looks intentional.

Eclectic Kids by Allston Interior Designers & Decorators Lovejoy Designs

Learn to Accept and Love the Tiny Design Flaws

Sometimes exactly the things that are a little bit “wrong” end up being the most loved and memorable, giving a room unique feel. Learn to accept, love and even joke with your designing mistakes. Use them as a conversation ice-breaker and don’t forget that the story begins where the perfection ends.