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6 Easy Steps To Finding The Perfect Commercial Cleaning Company

Offices simply can’t do without regular cleaning.

Employers aren’t excused of hiring specialized personnel just because they don’t have a big staff. At the end of the day you have a number of people living in the same space for about 8 hours a day. They eat, use appliances, cutlery the bathroom and everything else they are provided with. A comfortable environment contributes to the morale, working motivation and enjoyment.

That is why compromises can’t be made when it comes to the office hygiene and environment. Find the best cleaning service for your company and enjoy your day.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Service?

Booking cleaners that would regularly visit your office has a few advantages over leaving your employees to deal with their own mess. Here is a quick list of benefits:

  • Dependable – a professional service will always have personnel available in your office when you need them; if you choose to hire a freelancer hygiene will depend on their health, holidays and traveling; a professional company will always provide you with an expert at the appointed time and you will never have to worry about off days
  • High Service Quality – service providers employ only technicians that are trained and certified; the expert they send to your office will know how to deal with different stains, dirt and will have high attention to detail
  • Availability – since cleaning companies have more than one employee they will be able to provide you with a quality service as often as you need them to
  • Resources and Inventory – many companies will offer to restock your supplies, such as soap, paper towels, detergents and everything else needed around the office; they will also have available machines and professional detergents that can clean your carpets and other high traffic areas
  • Additional Services – cleaning services providers usually have a range of extra offers that you can make use of to brighten your office; those services won’t require costly investments or expensive purchases on your side
  • Emergencies – most companies offer emergency reaction in their contract, all you have to do is call and someone will be right over to clean a mess hassle free

In the long run the benefits of having a contract with a cleaning company outweigh the leaving employees to their own devices. So why not take a look into how to easily find such a company?

1) Set Requirements

hard floor office


Every office has different types of needs. When you call a cleaning service they would provide you with a price estimate. Often it is only based on price-per-square-meter or price-per-square-foot and takes little else into consideration. It’s up to you to make a list of special demands and potential risk areas that might influence the price. A good idea would be to provide information about:

  • Condition and age of the building, as well as its components
  • Floor space available
  • What is the building being used for? Office, retail, restaurant, laboratory, health-care or for other purposes?
  • The layout of the building
  • The number of rest-rooms and fixtures that need to be cleaned
  • Supplies – should they be provided by you or by the cleaning company?

You can add more to the list or remove information, so it would fit the specific needs of your firm.

2) Set a Price Range

There is a high chance price plays a significant role in your decision making. However cheap isn’t always all that cheap. Take into account different factors and don’t automatically go for the lowest offer. An offer that excludes supplies and machines might end up being more expensive in the long run than the one that does. On the other hand a company that doesn’t have proper certificates and authentication, but offers low cost services might end up being extremely expensive. Prices tend to reflect whether a company is insured and you want one that is. This brings us to…

3) Ask For An Insurance Proof And Accreditation

Request liability information. Cleaning is a delicate process and accidents happen. Make sure to hire a company that has the proper insurance plan. You probably don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s employees or poor business plan, so choose your service providers carefully.
In addition to insurance and liability you should also enquirer about cleaner’s certification. They should have passed a training course and completed it successfully.

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4) Research

There are several types of research that need to be done. The big concern with hiring outside personnel is that you give them access to your offices outside of working hours. That is exactly the time when there is no one to supervise them. You might be the type of company that has sensitive information and you don’t want give you access to your building to just about anyone. That is why a little research wouldn’t hurt:

  • Background check – look for criminal records
  • DBS Checks – previously CRB
  • Previous customers – any good cleaning company has customers that you can talk to; you should be able to get a list and get in touch with them; make sure that you contact firms and establishments that have similar requirements to yours and ask them about their recommendation
  • Experience check – the longer a cleaning company has been in business the higher the chances that it’s better supplied with machines, has the right channels to provide you quality cleaning products at a lower price (due to having established the right partners) and has a better cleaning know-how

5) Look Into Additional Servicestools of the trade

The basic service package often includes vacuuming, dusting, basic rest-room cleaning, watering the plants and throwing our the trash. However offices periodically require more than that. You want a someone who would also clean your:

  • Carpets
  • Hard Floors
  • Mirrors and Windows
  • Be able to provide other services

You might not use those offers on a daily basis, but you will still need them regularly, so save time and energy by making sure your cleaning company provides them.

6) Go Green

Being green isn’t just a fad or a business scam. It’s beneficial for the health of your employees, for your office and for nature. When you spend 8 hours a day, give or take, there is no reason to use toxic detergents. Environmentally-friendly products are wildly available and far more beneficial. They don’t cause allergies, rashes or other problems. Take care of your staff and nature by choosing a nature-conscious cleaning service.

Those are the basic steps you need to keep in mind. Do you know what’s the best part? We cover all of the requirements and you can contact us at any time for questions, free price estimate and booking!

Is there something important we’ve missed? Tells us in the comments!