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5 Ways To Clean With Lemons

There are plenty of ways to switch the chemical detergents with a healthier cleaning solution. You don’t need to tolerate the sting in your eyes and no more dry hands.

Last week we discovered how amazing coffee is and I got inspired. I started thinking: soda and vinegar are pretty popular solutions, but they can’t be the only ones. There has got to be something else that is cheap, efficient and harmless around the house and is great for cleaning. That is how I discovered lemon juice. It can be used the same way as vinegar, but it doesn’t have the same pervasive smell. Instead it leaves a fresh fragrance in the air.

baking soda and lemon

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Lemon juice is great for removing unpleasant smells and replacing them with a fresh summer fragrance:

  • If your drain is giving you troubles just pour half a cup of pure lemon juice down the drain
  • Do you want to clean your trash bin? Wash away the stains and remove the smell with a cup of diluted lemon juice; in case you are having trouble add baking soda
  • You can even add half a cup to your laundry during washing to eliminate the unwanted smells

Grease & Stains

Lemon juice is acidic in nature which makes it perfect for cleaning grease and other hard set stains. It also disinfects, so you can freely use it for washing pots, dishes, cutlery and cutting board

Glass Cleaner

The amazing thing about lemon juice is that it doesn’t leave any traces behind, so you can use it to clean:

  • Glasses – are you hosting a big party at your home soon? Then why don’t you make your glasses sparkle with a drop of lemon juice? Your guests will be amazed and the drinks will taste better
  • Windows – you can become the envy of the whole neighbourhood; clean your windows with lemon juice; it will quickly and effortlessly wash away the dirt, leaving absolutely no traces behind

Hand Deodorizing


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Fish and garlic are very healthy and tasty foods that should be on your table at least once a week. However preparing them tends to leave a funny smell on your hands. Why not rub it away with a few drops of lemon? You hands will smell like an luxurious hand cream.

Metals & Wood

Lemon has solvent properties that allows it to dissolve wax, grime and fingerprints. This quality makes it perfect for cleaning any metal and wooden decorations and ornaments in your house. It will leave them looking shiny and new.


I have one of those pots for boiling water where you can see the heater. Grout tends to stick to it and under where I can’t reach it. I thought the pot was doomed, but then I discovered a simple solution:

  • Dissolve a cup of lemon juice in two glasses of water
  • Let it sit for about 10 minutes
  • Boil
  • Scrub

Everything comes off! You can also use lemon juice to clean the taps in your bath and kitchen.

Those were just a few tips for how to make cleaning healthier and much more enjoyable. Of course, if you call Excellent Carpet Cleaning you will never have to worry about our cleaning solutions, because we always use environmentally safe products.

What is your favourite way of using lemons? Share with us in the comments!