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5 Real Reasons For Buying Carpets & Rugs

We’ve talked a lot about why you should buy a carpet. There are so many benefits and advantage and proper reasons. But how relevant are they? I suggest we get real, because we all know that this is why you really buy rugs and carpets:

1. Flying on a Magical Carpet

“I can show you the world/Shining, shimmering, splendid/Tell me, princess, now when did/You last let your heart decide?”

flying carpet

Source: Tumblr

We all know how the song goes and we would all love to have a magical carpet that can take us away for a night. I get off work at 18:00pm and half an hour I’m in eating ice cream at the Empire State building. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

2. The Movie-Star Walk

We all just want to be stars. We want a star with our name on the Walk of Fame and we want to be on the red carpet. Yes, we can! Carpets can make a star out of all of us. Think it’s silly to twirl around your living room in heels, make up and a nice dress? Add a full size mirror and you will get the confidence boost you need before that very special first date.


Source: Tumblr

Because, girl, you look fabulous in that dress!

3. Taking Off Your Shoes

This one is for all the ladies. You might look amazing on those high heels, but taking them off is a reward in itself.


Source: Tumblr

And there is nothing than stepping on a blanket of sot clouds. That’s what your carpet is going to feel like once the day is over. Imagine the warmth of the material, the way the strands wrap your tired feet and how soft it feels underneath your toes. Carpets and rugs are like a spa free spa treatment.


Source: Tumblr

4. Hiding a body

We all have those days when the body count exceeds the hiding spots. Running out of places might get troublesome. Luckily you have your handy rug to wrap it up, move it to your car and throw dispose of it in the nearest lake.


Source: Tumblr

The good news is that you get to keep the rug. Yes, cleaning blood from fabrics isn’t all that hard if you know the right method. Or the right guys.

5. Rugs & Carpets Are Hot

It has never been easier to follow the home décor trends. They are simple: dull basic colour (such as beige or white) and crazy accessories. The beauty of rugs is that they are easy to change. As a matter of fact you can have a different rug each week. I stash them in a closet, along with all the other pillows, vases and covers. It takes about 10 minutes to turn my living room from a bright yellow happy place into a calm and serene blue haven.


Source: Tumblr

You can’t do that with a hard floor. But you can always throw a rug over it and enjoy your 2014 home. That’s why you really need a carpet or a rug. They are multi-purpose weapons that you can rely on, even in the hardest moments.