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5 Cleaning Applications For The Modern You

Do you have applications on your smart phone?

Maybe you have Bubble-wrap that gives you the satisfaction of actually popping bubbles. Maybe you have the SimStapler that lets your enjoy the feeling of stapling on.

As entertaining as those apps are how will they help you in life? Stress reduction is fine, but some times we just need to get stuff done.

Even if it means cleaning the whole house. Here are 5 apps, in no particular order, that are perfect for motivating you and keeping your chores on track.

1. Unfilth Your Habitat

untidy room

Cleaning my room? Challenge failed Flickr

This one is for beginners. If something can hook you on cleaning that is Unfilth Your Habitat. The application comes with some basic functions, such as organizing your daily tasks, but the real beauty hides in the extras. You will get cleaning challenges by room, timer and even an achievement section that you can share on Facebook, because why not?

To keep things interesting the Unfilth Your Habitat offers a random motivation. Nothing says “Nice Ass. Now Get Off It” like your phone.
This little gem comes at the small price of $1.99. It’s a one time deal you have to make to keep your home liveable while having fun.

2. BrightNest

This free application is for those of you who have turned home improvement into a hobby. It creates projects for better maintenance. Based on the layout of your apartment or house, as well as on your routine the BrightNest will come up with offers for improving the cleaning process.

No more tips on how to clean the pool you don’t have or lack of recommendations on how to best tackle a firing place.

Once you have made an account, or logged in with your Facebook, you can subscribe for great articles on home improvement and cleaning. While they might not all be relevant for you, there will definitely be something great to include in your routine.

3. iReward Chart


Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to do the chores alone. Why not distribute the tasks between your family members or room mates? Although this free app is intended for parents you can always include other people who live with you.

iReward Chart allows you to enter people into the application and assign them tasks. Based on how well they perform you can award them stars that can be later cashed in for rewards. I bet your room mate would love ice cream in exchange for doing the dishes. All you have to do is set the number of stars required.

4. Beep & Boop

Are you looking for something simpler? Then try out the Beep & Boop free application. All you have to do is add people to the software. You don’t even have give them tasks. You can just hit the beep button when something has been accomplished or book when a task has been failed.

To keep people motivated you can set beep goals. When someone accomplishes their goal they get a reward! However failing at a task removes points and prevents people from reaching their goal. That’s why Beep & Boop will inspire everyone to perform better over multiple tasks.

The application is beautiful in its simplicity.

5. Green Shine

Green Shine is perfect for those of you who want to clean their home the green way. The application contains more than a 100 household tasks and the detergent needed to do them. The trick is that you receive suggestions on how to replace each cleaning solution with a green alternatives.

The tasks are divided based on the room they are performed with. The substitutes can be made from ingredients, already available in your house like salt, vinegar and baking soda. Make sure to check the “Watch For” section of each tip as it gives warnings for a safer use.

This piece of healthy, environmentally safe home caring comes at the price of $2.99, but it’s worth every cent.

Add the applications to your smart phone and make your life easier to manage and more enjoyable.