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5 Better Things To Do Right Now

There are far better things you can do instead of sitting in front of your computer and reading this article. By that I don’t mean checking your messages on your phone or watching tv shows. Every day brings new opportunities and this Saturday is no different.


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Did you know that today is the world quit smoking day?

1. World No Tobacco Day

Today, 31st of May, people all over the world are refraining from smoking. For one day there won’t be any foul smoke filling our lungs or bad breath tainting kisses. All over the world people will have a better day.

Why not join them? It feels good, doesn’t it? You’ll be a part of something bigger. Why not make World No Tobacco Day 48 hours long? A week long?

Take it one day at a time and you’ll be living a better life, along with so many people all over the world. Not smoking will make you a better company, will put some extra money in your pocket and might even save you a few midnight trips to the shop.


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2. Take Pictures

Saturday has a new and improved version. It’s called Caturday! The internet is being filled with pictures of adorable, disinterested, cuddly, jerk-ass cats. Don’t make the same mistake as I did. If you Google Caturday you’re never getting up. Instead grab a good camera go on a hunt. Cats do the craziest things all the time.


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All you have to do is snap them at the right moment and you can win internet glory for all eternity. Because we all know that cats secretly created the internet as a place where we can worship them.

beer cat

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3. Play Some Games

Technically that doesn’t count as getting up from the computer, but you can still do it outside right?

However playing video games has one advantage over other forms of computer entertainment. The player doesn’t just passively consume, they get involved in the game. You can only advance in the story and develop characters if you put effort and time into it.


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Video games are good for you: you become someone stress free for a few hours, your effort will pay of and at the end of it you will feel more satisfied and relaxed. As with all things you shouldn’t go overboard and become addicted.

4. Get Moving

A good time to stop playing is when your cat starts asking for food. So get up, give the kitty some food, change the litter. Oh look! The dishes are dirty! You might as well do those, scrub the cupboard clean, and table. Why not just clean the entire house?

cleaning courage

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We have a quick list of what you need to clean to make the house presentable. I always refer to it on Saturdays and Sundays and hope that my room mates will pick up the slack. But it’s a nice way to fool them that I’ve done some actual cleaning. We also call in someone who really knows how to clean twice a year so it can’t be that bad, right?

5. Go To The Movies

After vacuuming the whole house you’ll definitely want to go out. Call a friend and have a few laughs. You can grab a snack, jump from an air plane, pet some cats or go to the cinema. Maleficent is on right now.

It tells the story of Sleeping Beauty, but with a new twist. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but I will tell you this. Angelina Jolie plays the titular character Maleficent and she is great at it. The acting is amazing, the story is engaging and the visuals are beyond superb. See it for yourself and tell me what you think.

Still finding it hard to get up from your computer? At least I tried.

life to the fullest

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