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3 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into Me Space

Stress can be a horrible, horrible thing. It makes me hide in a corner and avoid all responsibilities.

Source: FunnyZela

Source: FunnyZela

Since that’s hardly possible I’ve opted for the second best option. The bathroom. Think about it – it’s perfect. Few people would dare enter and you will have the ideal excuse for not picking up your phone, or checking your e-mails or communicating with the world for that matter. However you must first turn   your bathroom in an island of relaxation.

Keep it Blue And Natural

Having a relaxing bath starts with the shades of your walls. Picking the right colours and patterns can create the perfect atmosphere. Blue will help you kick back and unwind faster than any other colour. Soft shades will sooth your mind and help it calm down. Blue-greens can also do the trick. I love anything that reminds me of the seas and rivers in my bathroom. When I enter I can just hear the relaxing sound of the waves as they reach shore. Speaking of which natural materials can also help your mind let go of the stress. Stone, river rock wood grains, earth elements and similar textures will create a better atmosphere for you. Mix and combine them to achieve the perfect solution for you.

Light, Scent & Melody


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Dim out the lights. Harsh lights make your brain alert and prevent you from having a good half an hour (or more) all to yourself. Instead you have to share it with all the issues in your life. That’s why you can light up a few candles and take your time. Pick your favourite colour or choose a soothing scent to relax. Sometimes I even go as far as turning off the lights completely. There is nothing like soaking into warm water in complete darkness to chase away harsh thoughts from your head. Don’t choose any scent. Different smells can help you with different moods. For example:

  • Lavender – it will sooth and help you relax
  • Green Apple – it lessens headaches and relieves migraine
  • Coconut – the smell of it slows down the heart rate, increases the speed of your blood pressure recovery and generally helps you fight stress better
  • Chocolate – are you worried? Don’t be; light up a chocolate candle (and have a few pieces yourself) to reduce anxiety and put yourself at easy

The bathroom is the perfect place to escape technology. You really don’t need your phone in there to distract you with an endless stream of mails and social media feed. It might be hard in the beginning, but challenge yourself and see if you can last for half an hour in there without a phone to buzz you distracted. However music can greatly improve your mood. Find an old player and hop in. Put on something relaxing – chill, slow classical and even nature sounds will do you wonders.

Clean Up

Good music, nice aroma and romantic lights are nice, but aren’t even the beginning. When was the last time your bathroom was cleaned? Depending on what it’s made of there are different do’s and don’ts:


This is the best material for bathtubs and sinks, since it’s durable and will last. The best way to go about cleaning it is to use an abrasive powder. Take a scouring pad, wet it, add some powder and scrub clean. For really tough stains you can use a pumice stone.


In case your tub is older there is a high chance it’s made of enamel. It’s highly sensitive to bleach and drain cleaners. Don’t use them, because they will leave a brown stain behind. Instead try with any commercial cleaner, that doesn’t have bleach, or shampoo. Rub some and let it rest for a few minutes, before scrubbing it away with warm water. Trisodium phosphates will be ideal for tough stains. However do not combine it with other detergents! Mix a tablespoon with 4 liters of water and apply. Bleach stains can be treated with two parts baking soda and one part 3% hydrogen peroxide paste. Apply the paste on the spot and let it rest between 30 minutes and half an hour.


The material looks a lot like plastic and might bend with time. Don’t treat it with anything abrasive or a pumice stone. Try regular dishwasher at least once a week. If the water is hard in your region spray with a water and vinegar solution. Let it take affect for 30 – 45 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Just remember not to use anything harsh or abrasive.

Take a long shower and dip bathtub for some relaxing time. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and forget about the worries.

Source: FanPop

Source: FanPop