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The 3 Home Improvement Series We Miss

Remember that show? You just couldn’t get enough of it, didn’t you? You’d tune in every time in front of the TV and watch despite the fact that dinner needed to be cooked or that light bulb was still waiting.

Then they cancelled it.

I know the feeling. There are many good shows that were discontinued before their time. Sadly this happens to a lot of the home-making series we love to watch. There are new ones appearing often enough, but nothing can replace our favourites.

That is why I have compiled a list of shows we just can’t let go.

Designers’ Challenge

designers challenge

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Does your home need a new design? This is the show for you! With its thrilling concept it provides as much entertainment as it is a delight to the eye.

In the series you are going to see how a lucky property owner is going to have their home transformed into the house or apartment of their dreams. Each episode opens with three designers competing with their best designs. Each project is created specifically for the home, featured in the episode. Then the owner has to choose the best one.

Once the winner’s design has been chosen we have the opportunity to view the designer work their magic.

The series originally ran from 1998 till 2008 on HGTV in the United States and was hosted by Chris Harrison. I highly recommend it, because it’s great fun and has ideas that are fresh even 6 years later.

In a Fix

in a fix

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If there is a show we never wanted to end this is it. This wasn’t just another home decorating series. It was truth in television and we loved it.

What made it so special you ask? It was the cast. They were not perfect, they had their flaws, but they loved what they were doing and the series needed all of them to shine.

But what was it about? “In a Fix” was dedicated to all those Do It Yourself lovers out there. Guides might make the diy projects look like it’s that easy, but we all know it’s not. Despite that we try to create our very own pavilion or fix the plumbing. That is where things might go terribly wrong. That is when the “In a Fix” crew comes in to rescue the day.

I have to admit – the bigger a mess the diy enthusiast has made, the funnier it is. But the viewer got a chance to learn along and not be just a passive bystander. If you are looking for helpful tips and tricks on how to prevent mistakes while completing your diy designs, along with a good laugh this is the show for you.

“In a Fix” originally ran between 2004 and 2005 on TLC and was hosted by Marc Goldberg.

The Brini Maxwell Show

You’ve never seen a home improvement show quite like “The Brini Maxwell Show” I can promise you that.

brini maxwell show

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Some very useful (and not so useful) tips are presented in small scenes that aren’t likely to ever happen outside of the television world, but you can’t help, but go along with it for the next innuendo. Brini might not be your cup of tea, but the series is definitely something different that you won’t see every day.

In each episode Brini explores a different theme – Halloween party, living room improvement, bathroom decoration, travelling and many more. The series is then dedicated to everything surrounding the topic – colours, accessories, drinks, decoration and whatever else you can imagine. Brini also talks to experts on the topic that would usually try and contribute, but for the most part they end up laughing through the conversation.

The series is a fresh breath of air between the standardized home-making shows. It has a sense of humour you won’t find anywhere else and a cheesy vibe that just draws you in.

“The Brini Maxwell Show” debuted in 1996, but only started airing regularly between 1998 and 2006. It was on a variety of channels with Style being the most famous one and aired the last two seasons. The series was hosted by Ben Sander.

Which is the TV show you were angry they discontinued? Share with us your favourite underappreciated series.