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10 Ways To Use Salt Like a Pro

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Is salt good for you? Yes? No? Maybe?

Salt is good for your home. So keep a pack in your cupboard and take it out every time you need to clean. It does wonders and might just be the new baking soda.

Don’t believe me? Read on, ladies!

1. Make Silver and Copper Items Shine

You probably have at least one piece of silver jewellery somewhere around the house. With time it starts to loose its shine and becomes dull. The same goes for copper ornaments and decoration. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for expensive cleaning detergents and services. The solution is right in your kitchen. Here are a few ways to make your silver and copper items shine:

  • Vinegar & Salt – just mix and scrub; it both cleans and polishes
  • Lemon & Salt – squeeze half a lemon and add a tea spoon of salt, dab the mix with a pad and apply to the dirtied areas
  • Boiling Water, Salt & Vinegar – when nothing else works:
    • boil your items in water
    • take them out
    • pour baking soda and salt directly on them
    • scrub and add vinegar as you go along
    • boil salted water in them and there are sure to be sparkling clean

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2. Remove Grease Pots and Pans

As it turns out there are all sorts of ways to clean your dishes: coffee, vinegar, baking soda and now we can add salt to the list. You don’t have to dry your hands with chemicals or risk digesting them. Nature has provided us with cheap and efficient options. Here is how you can use salt:

  • Burned on stains – let the pan or pot soak into salt water for a night then boil more salt water into it, that would surely do the trick
  • Burned milk stains – to make your life easier pour salt on the stains and let it rest for approximately 10 minutes, the milk will come out much easier this way
  • Grease – follow the same principle as with the milk, pour salt over the grease and let it stay that way for a few minutes, the salt will absorb the grease much easier and you won’t have to waste time in the kitchen

That is how you conquer the pile of dirty dishes, pans and pots. You add salt, then put your legs on the living room table and turn on your favourite TV Show.

3. Clean Blood Stains

Salt has dehydrating properties which means a lot when you are trying to clean blood. The sooner you act the higher your chances of cleaning the spot are:

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  • Rinse with cold water – the best way is to wash it under the tap and using a lot of cold water; if that’s not possible then get a bucket or a basin and mix ice and cold water in it then scrub clean the stain; you will get a lot of it out this way
  • Mix salt with water – you are aiming for a paste, so add just a bit of water to the salt and then apply to the stain; the amount you need, depends on how much blood there is
  • Let it rest – let the paste take its time; the salt will loosen the blood from the fabric and you will be able to clean it easier
  • Scrub away – use more cold water to clean the salt
  • Use the washing machine – once you have reached a point where the fabric seems clean or you can’t clean any more of the stain put it in the washing machine; alternatively if it’s too big keep scrubbing

Just remember that you have to be quick to react. With time the chances of cleaning the blood diminish and only an expert will be able to help you.

4. Tubs and Sinks Need A Good Scrub Too

This one is pretty straight forward – use the salt to scrub your sink and bath tub clean. It is abrasive and absorbs any oils that might be left behind. In case the stains persist you can dilute salt with a tiny amount of water and apply it to the areas that need a more severe treatment. Let it sit for a few minutes and make your baths and sink sparkly clean.

5. Maintain Your Coffee Pot

So salt and ice go hand in hand. Do you have a few cubes in your freezer? Then mix them with salt and pour them in your coffee pot. Stir to clean.
The salt will gather the dirt while the ice will dissolve the residue, making the coffee pot easier to clean. This method is ideal for those of you have who hard-to-reach the bottom pots.

6. Clean Up Dropped Eggs

Eggs aren’t always as easy to clean as we wish. They make a slippery mess that just slithers through our fingers or stains our flooring.

Instead why not pour some salt over it? It will set in the yolk and white, so it won’t run away from you. You will also greatly reduce the danger of staining your favourite carpet or rug.

7. Don’t Let Your Clothes Freeze Outside

Winter isn’t the best season for doing laundry. For one you can’t dry your cloths outside any more. They will freeze and stick to the lines. Once they are stuck there is no getting them off until they are warmed up a bit. You can also try and pull, but that might just break them.

There is an easy solution. Just add salt in your washing machine during the last rinse. This way your cloths won’t freeze outside and you won’t have to think of ways to reorganize your home to fit in the lines.

8. Stop Ants From Coming In

A great way to stop ants from coming over to visit is by blocking their way with salt. It’s a proven way to keep your fruits and cupboards clean.

9. Prevent Your Drink From Sliding

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Cup stains are an unsightly decoration to our tables. One way to prevent them from happening is by using pads and napkins to absorb any stray liquids. But they tend to stick to the glass or cup and you end up looking like an idiot.

A great way to be more refined is by adding a bit of salt to your pads and napkins. It will absorb the liquids and you will be able to pick up your drink without any hassle.

10. Keep Your Fruits Fresh

When you cut apples they can become fast. To keep that from happening you can dip them in salted water. This way you will prevent oxidation and enjoy your fruits longer.

Those were 10 amazing ways to make your life easier with simple salt. Did we miss anything? Share with us!