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10 Ways You Should Be Using Coffee Right Now

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I love coffee. Coffee is the cure it all, work it all out remedy. If something can’t be fixed then add more coffee. Sooner or later it will straighten out. As a matter of fact I had a cup of coffee before I started writing this article.

The beauty of coffee is that it can do anything. It doesn’t simply exist to wake us up in the morning and make work possible. Coffee is so much more that an energy booster. It’s a culture, it’s a way of life.

Keeping that in mind here is what you can do with coffee if by some chance you have some left over.

5 Ways to Clean Your House With Coffee

Yes. You can clean with coffee. No, I’m not joking. Coffee has acidic properties and that makes it the perfect choice for cleaning anything greasy like:

  1. Cleaning Your BBQ – coffee is great for the purpose, because it’s abrasive, so it can scrub anything clean and  it’s ideal for washing off the grease from cooking; still if you doubt this method you can soak your BBQ in warm water and tea; the tannin will strip away the dirt off the surface
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    Dust Fighter – do you need to clean something dusty in your home? Maybe you need to manage the fireplace or a dry soil? Throw wet coffee over the dust to keep it in place; this way cleaning or transplanting will be faster, easier and tear free

  3. Washing the dishes – wrap the grinds in a rug, tie in the ends and secure them with a rubber band; now you are ready to wash the dishes in an environmentally friendly way without chemicals or other irritants
  4. Sink and Drain Cleaner – coffee is great for reducing odors, so pour some in the sink and scrub the dirt away; this way it will stay fresh for longer; once you are done run some boiling hot water into the drain to unclog it and fight off bad smells
  5. Protect Your Plants – pets like to mark everything with their smell which doesn’t bode well for your plants; you can protect them with a handful of coffee, mixed into the soil; the smell will deter any pet; for maximum results you can add orange peels; additionally coffee makes a great plant fertilizer

Coffee certainly isn’t the most unconventional cleaning ingredient we have come up with. Check out our soapnuts cleaning recipes.

5 Coffee Beauty Tricks

Coffee can make anything better, so coffee is a must in any beauty routine. Here are 5 suggestions on how to include it in your products:

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  1. Body Scrub – use damp coffee grounds to return the freshness in your skin; it will rub away the dead cells and leave behind only new pink skin
  2. Cellulite Reducer – enjoy your coffee and mix the remaining 1/4th of a cup residue with a tablespoon of olive oil; slowly massage the mixture over problematic areas for ten to fifteen minutes
  3. Hair Rinse – coffee is nature’s way of giving our hair the bounce and shine it deserve; wash with the grounds and your hair will become a lovely warm colour that celebrities can envy
  4. Wash Your Hands – cooking is one of life’s pleasures, but it might leave your hands smelling like food; you can make your skin soft and get rid of the odor by rinsing it with coffee grounds
  5. Face Tonic – one way to fight oily skin is to rub it clean with coffee grounds; it will unclog your pores, remove the extra oils and dead cells;your skin will be able to breath; treat regularly for clearer complexion and a healthier skin

That, in a nutshell, is why coffee is great. It gives life, it makes you beautiful and it cleans. Between you and me, I wouldn’t waste coffee for cleaning, so why not leave that to the professionals and join me for a cup?