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How Тo Clean You Carpet Without a Vacuum Cleaner?

Cleaning carpets without vacuum cleanerVacuuming is one of the most common methods for carpet cleaning. And a vacuum cleaner is mainly the most popular device to sanitize rugs at home. However, sometimes, it happens a vacuum cleaner not to be available at this moment, or broken, or too disturbing for a sleeping baby, a sick relative. Those of you, who have no vacuum cleaner, though, are not on mandatory obliged to get one or to repair the broken one. On the contrary – there are many cool alternatives for cleaning the carpet without a vacuum cleaner. Today, we offer you the best practices in carpet cleaning with no vacuuming machine. See the tips below and use them in your own housekeeping routines, when it comes to domestic rug sanitizing:

  • For those of you, who are not to clean by hands, the best advice we can give is to get a sweeper. Even though this is an alternative for a mechanical cleaning job, too, you can use it daily with no concern that you`re going to ruin the rug surface. Among the best practices for carpet cleaning with a sweeper, you can find tips like adding shampoo in the procedure or sprinkling ammonia in advance to add some deodorizing effect.
  • The old, but gold “broom and beat” carpet cleaning tradition is not dead yet – at all! On the contrary, experts in the field say that the broom can be sometimes the better advice for deep and thorough disinfection. Though, this refers to natural and good brooms.
  • Using clear tape is another way for cleaning the carpet with no vacuum cleaner. However, this is a procedure that will take quite long time, so make sure you do it during the weekends!
  • Remove stains with sponge and soapy water. This is a good alternative to eliminate greasy spots and grime of all kinds, too!

How often should I clean the carpet, if I don`t use vacuum cleaner?

It`s easy to know that perfect disinfection of the carpet requires vacuuming at least 2 times per week. However, how often should the carpet be cleaned, if using the old-fashioned methods described above? There is no clear answer and you need to get used to recognize the moment, when the carpet needs you. If a stain appears, of course, you need to act as soon as possible. And if you have a pet, the frequency of your cleaning chore also increases. Also, note that during spring and summer seasons, the dust gets more. This means, you need to sanitize it at least once per week – thoroughly!

If you use professional cleaning services or detergents, you might skip the regular rug refreshment.

Removing the vacuum cleaner from your domestic list of electric devices is neither scary, nor pointless. Actually, you save some storage and money, too. Besides, why harming the nature, when there are things you can do by hand and without the usage of electricity?